We have listeners? Nice.

March 10, 2014

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Mike here.

When I originally created this site, I threw on a Google Analytics plug-in, mostly out of habit. I hadn’t ever looked at the data collected until today, and I have a few (possibly) interesting observations.

First, Jeff and I are aware that we are pretty much just shouting out into internet space. It takes time and effort (and often, money) to promote a podcast, and neither of us is pushing it very hard. Honestly we just enjoy drinking and putting out fun shows.

What does this have to with data you might ask? Well, I figured we had maybe one or two people listening to any single podcast, but it looks like we have closer to as many as 10-12 visitors browsing/streaming from our site (not including iTunes traffic) on peak days, and a few browsers each day. Also, the average time spent on the site is 20min, meaning that many people are sticking around to hear at least part of an episode.

This is really cool to me. I feel like we are making something that others enjoy. The “Internet Radio” marketplace is so massive, people could listen to nearly anything, but a few of them take some time to listen to us. That makes my day.

We’ll see you soon with another episode. Cheers! – Mike

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One comment on “We have listeners? Nice.

  1. I enjoy the podcast. Good mix of content. Look forward to more episodes!

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