This episode we reign in our crazy Champagne Bottle Beer tastes and try out some offerings from ONLY CANS.

If there are only two things to say about this episode, it’s that it is the widest range of brands/styles we’ve had to date, and that we might get a little tiny bit racist in a “white kids experiment with social dynamics” kinda way. Let it be known, that we here at B and C love all people of earth. :)

The Beers we tried:

  • Budweiser (Cold n’ Yellow) – GloboCorp Brewing – Everywhere
  • Kilimanjaro Premium Lager – Kilimanjaro Brewing – Tanzania, Africa
  • 11th Hour IPA – Crow Peak Brewing – Spearfish, SD
  • Hop Slayer Double IPA – Wild Onion Brewing Company – Lake Barrington, IL
  • Scottish Ale – Belhaven Brewing – East Lothian, Scotland
  • Redband Stout – Great River Brewery – Davenport, IA

Thanks to @TheRLo for helping us out with music for the breaks!

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