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We here at Bottles and Cans are starting to emerge from our winter slumber… slowly.

We’ve been recording quietly over the winter months which has allowed us to spend time honing in on production and entertainment value.

We have big plans for the future including a set content schedule. Along with this, we will soon be making changes to the show which will allow for more detail in ratings and a bit more personality in the content as well as adding video for those without imaginations. :)

As with all other aspects of the show, we are always getting better here on the website as well. I got rid of the old audio player and fixed the single episode pages. Much cleaner and more usable.

I guess I should go back to working on the site rather than typing posts.

Jeff and I really appreciate your support, thanks for listening!

– Mike

For the nerds:
As part of the effort to professionalize, we are currently swapping our content to a real podcast-specific hosting solution. This will allow unlimited downloads of our episodes without taxing the shared web server we are using for the site and ensure smooth delivery, but due to monthly data upload limits it will take some time to fully swap over… please sit tight, we’ll be back to normal shortly.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Mike here.

When I originally created this site, I threw on a Google Analytics plug-in, mostly out of habit. I hadn’t ever looked at the data collected until today, and I have a few (possibly) interesting observations.

First, Jeff and I are aware that we are pretty much just shouting out into internet space. It takes time and effort (and often, money) to promote a podcast, and neither of us is pushing it very hard. Honestly we just enjoy drinking and putting out fun shows.

What does this have to with data you might ask? Well, I figured we had maybe one or two people listening to any single podcast, but it looks like we have closer to as many as 10-12 visitors browsing/streaming from our site (not including iTunes traffic) on peak days, and a few browsers each day. Also, the average time spent on the site is 20min, meaning that many people are sticking around to hear at least part of an episode.

This is really cool to me. I feel like we are making something that others enjoy. The “Internet Radio” marketplace is so massive, people could listen to nearly anything, but a few of them take some time to listen to us. That makes my day.

We’ll see you soon with another episode. Cheers! – Mike

b&c-placeholder-LogoAfter a few beer themed shows for another podcast, Jeff and I came together to make this, Bottles & Cans, a new podcast that is centered around beers and occasionally hard stuff we’ve never tried. Call it an excuse to drink if you want, everyone needs one.

We are always looking for something new, so we scour our local stores and find the gems just waiting to be imbibed. We also try a bunch of crap… Beers that have a lot of hype can often fall flat, and we’ll let you know when that happens.

Jeff and I are not highly trained tasters, but we are highly trained drinkers. We analyse each brew in some detail without getting too flowery, we tell you if we like it or not.

Drinking takes a bit, so we also fill in the spaces with a little bit on whatever captures our fancy at the time.

It’s that simple.  First show coming VERY SOON!