Jeff went on a road trip to Milwaukee, and as a beer lover you can guess what his friends all said… “Get some New Glarus beer man!”

He came through, carrying back 4 different beers in the back of his pickup. (How much more country can you get? Driving back to Nebraska with beer in your pickup bed? really man? …anyways, I digress)

On this episode we drink four choices from New Glarus in Wisconsin and one wildcard… but it’s from Wisconsin too, so whatever right? lol

The beers:

  • Spotted Cow
  • Moon Man Pale Ale
  • Fat Squirrel Nut Brown Ale
  • Black Top
  • Luna Coffee Stout – Hinterland Brewing – Green Bay, Wisconsin

All pictures of this were deleted apparently… but we swear it happened.

Thanks to @TheRLo for helping us out with music for the breaks!

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