New Belgium Brewery Tour

October 5, 2014

Another Field Trip Post By Mike:

After several days of drinking at the amazing GABF we thought we might be done with beer for a while. By the time we had eaten breakfast we had all rallied and decided to hit up not just one brewery, but TWO. We were glad we had a room in town by that point.

The first brewery we HAD to visit was New Belgium Brewing, now distributed in 37 states! Their growth has been phenomenal over the last several years… which had me a bit worried if I’m honest. When a brewery enters into the mass distribution arena the brewery has the possibility to lose their craft feel. Once all the tanks are shiny and identical and they have a management team watching all dollars being spent, you never know if the beer will be the same.

I was incredibly happy to hear that though the brewery is large and the distribution is massive, it sounds as if they have really looked after their staff while growing. After listening to our awesome tour guide talk about all of the great things they do for their employees and how great the benefits are, I even found myself wishing I could find a place amongst the ranks there in FoCo at an this amazing brewery.

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