Birth of a Podcast

December 18, 2013

b&c-placeholder-LogoAfter a few beer themed shows for another podcast, Jeff and I came together to make this, Bottles & Cans, a new podcast that is centered around beers and occasionally hard stuff we’ve never tried. Call it an excuse to drink if you want, everyone needs one.

We are always looking for something new, so we scour our local stores and find the gems just waiting to be imbibed. We also try a bunch of crap… Beers that have a lot of hype can often fall flat, and we’ll let you know when that happens.

Jeff and I are not highly trained tasters, but we are highly trained drinkers. We analyse each brew in some detail without getting too flowery, we tell you if we like it or not.

Drinking takes a bit, so we also fill in the spaces with a little bit on whatever captures our fancy at the time.

It’s that simple.  First show coming VERY SOON!

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2 comments on “Birth of a Podcast

  1. Enjoyed your podcast! When are you going to post another? :-)

    • Jeffrey Martin Jan 28, 2014

      New podcasts are now available. I hope you enjoy them and thank you for listening, Sara.

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