Join us in celebrating Goose Island Brewing with a sampling of 5 of their tasty brews. This episode is our first “single brewery” episode.

We have loved Goose Island for a long time and tend to keep their beers on hand so this episode we decided, screw it, we’re doing a full episode with 5 beers from the same brewery.

This time Jeff manages to keep his finger intact while opening the Pere Jaques, so he’s got that going for him… We also invited back “The Doctor” (who you may remember from Ep. 3) for his expertise in tasting and analysis.

The beers From Goose Island Brewing out of Chicago, IL (or is it?) in order of appearance:

  • Pere Jaques 2012
  • Sumertime
  • Honkers Ale
  • Ten Hills Pale Ale (Limited Release)
  • India Pale Ale

It is almost like we are ‘for real’ doing this podcast thing. As a bonus, the production values go up each time! What other podcast can say that? None of them. :)

The beers in order of appearance:

  • Old Rasputin (XV edition) – North Coast Brewing – Fort Bragg, CA
  • Yeti IPA (Oak Aged) – Great Divide Brewing – Denver, CO
  • Coffee Ale (Smokestack Series) – Boulevard Brewing – Kansas City, MO
  • Fernet Aged Porter – Odell Brewing – Ft. Collins, CO