Who is behind Bottles and Cans?

Two post-college, pre-children fellas from Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Our names are Mike and Jeff.

We met each other in college when Jeff announced that he’d be going to the bar after a particularly tough test and asked if anyone wanted to join him. We’ve been hanging out ever since.

How did this come to be?

Bottles and Cans was created long ago while recording another podcast… the now defunct “Stream of Nerd,” when I (Mike) decided to interview Jeff. As we tend to do, we had beers in hand during this recording and mentioned them a few times.

Soon after this, while editing I realized that a podcast about beers was way more interesting than whatever we were talking about, and I promptly shut down the old site in favor of plowing ahead on Bottles and Cans.

We’ve had a lot of upgrades in both equipment and content over time, and only hope to get better going forward!

One problem… Your name.

It’s true. Our name is shared by liquor stores, bars, recycling depots… heck, even other podcasts have similar names. We take this as a positive, we can’t help that the lyrics to Beck’s “Where It’s At” are so culturally ingrained, so we are gonna go with it. The name is too perfect to describe a podcast devoted to drinking interesting beers.

Also, if you’ll notice, the closest podcast to our name in iTunes currently – “Bottle and Cans” is actually a reference to a cock and balls, and they haven’t posted anything new in 2 years… So, confidently we chug along.

What beers do you like most?

Free ones. No really, the unofficial vision statement of this podcast is “To get free beer from internet people.”

The longer answer to the question is that (generally) we like most everything with alcohol but are challenged by Sour beers and occasionally Saisons. Our usual go to beers vary quite a bit, but it’s worth mentioning that we love India Pale Ales a lot!

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  1. Are you guys on untapped?