This show was recorded a few days before April 20th, a holiday this year for both deity fearing individuals and dread-locked hippies alike!

In an effort to inform while drinking, we address the question, “Is there any difference between Double and Imperial Beers?”

Also, the two beers we try work well for the combined holiday. The 7 Hop IPA from Rogue Brewery has a new label… a resurrection on a small scale if you will. The Enjoy By 4.20.2014 from Stone Brewing is a more or less overt call out to another international holiday. The holiday celebrating a cousin to the hop vine, which is well known for it’s chemical complexities.

Rest assured, only drinking occurs in this episode. Think of the children.

The two beers in this episode:

  • 7 Hop IPA – Rogue Brewing – Newport, Oregon
  • Enjoy by 4.20.2014 – Stone Brewing – San Diego, California

This is one of two episodes we done while transitioning to the video production. Both of these are under 30 min long.

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